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Liber Immanis Monstrorum. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Malicia Grim

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I'm back, sorta. [Sep. 29th, 2004|02:56 am]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |tiredtired]
[Song in my head |Nothing but the steady hum of my computer.]

Computer stuffed up, annoyance ensued. Also, was away from home for a while. *shrug* I got some Neil Gaiman books though, so I didn't exactly lose on that deal.

Short update, but things need to happen. Need to type up fic and post, including random gaming fic onto dubious FF.net account.

Now, I go sleeps.
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Had a look at JKR's site today... [Aug. 17th, 2004|12:02 am]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |amusedamused]
[Song in my head |Fast Crew - I got]

And here's what my reactions were. Spoilers liek woah.Collapse )

Also, have changed my name to Malicia Grim, because it's the closest thing to my name I've seen on any stories. Other than Millicent, but that was some really twisted logic, and a rather cruel nickname (think Snivelly, only extended to the point where people thought it was my actual name).

And I think I was like her, at some point (possibly at six or seven). It's the fault of having the Famous Five books as birthday presents, and getting into arguments about whether the Secret Seven were better (despite them being basically the same). You start thinking like that, and then there's no hope. Luckily, certain books got me thinking about the truth behind stories.

And there /is/ something more behind that door on JKR's site. I'm not sayin' anything until someone else does. Except that the metaphor is a bit overextended. *is amused, and waiting for others to find it*
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Another mixed entry. [Aug. 15th, 2004|04:30 am]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |creativecreative]
[Song in my head |Secret Smile - Semisonic]

Today's quote (because I felt it was worth considering):

"Defend the small spaces, don't run with scissors, and remember that there is often an unexpected chocolate, [...] And never resist a perfect moment."
- Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time.

I have much love for that book. Particularly for using chocolate to kill robed inhuman figures. Genocide by chocolate... Mwahahaha. Only that was in another one of the Death books.

My Snape/Lupin story has snippets. And it's not going to be happy.  Only circe_tigana showed that the pairing could be summed up in two words.

*snerk* Whoever made that anagram for Severus Snape to be Perseus Evans, you owe me my brain, thanks. *grins* I've written a page of refill on the idea, because the kid decided he wasn't going to leave my head. And here's an excerpt, just for my own amusement later:

Perseus EvansCollapse )

*hangs head* It's just wrong, how I don't even have to imagine some characters. Well, not actively. Some I have to think hard about before I know who they are, and some are just /there/, without any thought at all. Impulses are fun to write for that reason. You have 2 minutes to write anything, based on one word.

So I wrote one, as an example.Collapse )

It's not the best, but it is quite cute. And why do I know my characters' reactions to certain things? 'Cos I do know that Lola would be complaining and wanting to play Sam, and Percy would just let her. He'd sit back and think about things, possibly giving help to whoever was losing.

In other news, I'm rereading American Gods, because it's good. The front cover says "As good as Steven King, or your money back", which is a bit of a laugh. Neil Gaiman doesn't have annoying bracketed thought patterns, that make me have fifth or sixth thoughts* just by reading it. Also, while American Gods does have its disgusting moments, it doesn't seem as... pointlessly disgusting. And the bit with the Ifrit would be slash, if published fiction could be. It mixes lovely description with action and disturbing things in ways that make it right.


*Second thoughts are thinking again about something. Third thoughts are thinking about the way you're thinking. Fourth thoughts are thinking about how no one thinks in brackets out loud like that. Fifth thoughts are when you realise that you are actually thinking like that, because of the damn book. And sixth thoughts are the ones that say "Forget about it. Have some tea and try not to think about blue polar bears. It's easier."
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In which there is randominity, and some thoughts on schtuff. [Aug. 12th, 2004|03:50 am]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |contemplativecontemplative]
[Song in my head |Hotel California - The Eagles]

Quote for the day:
"'I saw the back of my own head!' whispered Johnny. 'My actual own back of my own head! Without mirrors or anything! No-one's ever done that since the Spanish Inquisition! How can you be so calm about this?'"
- Johnny and the Bomb, Terry Pratchett.

That is the best reaction to time travel ever. And then Kasandra (Kirsty, really) is just acting calm, because she's good at that. *loves characters* Best parallel universe and time-slicing book ever, even better than Thief of Time. The discussions the four boys have take on a life of their own, and I love that. It's what I try to do with some of my stories (like the Them finding a certain fake object that turns out to be real).

I was so relieved that I didn't have to put on the angry teacher act on the RP. 'Cos adult characters usually aren't intimidated by teachers, even with the use of magic. Or of throwing chalk.

There needs to be self-throwing chalk. Senses when someone is not paying attention, and flings itself at them. It would be very popular among teachers of the old school. Also among students, who would seize the opportunity to steal some and figure out how it worked. *plotbunny materialises from dust* Damn.

And I have to mention circe_tigana's Remus/Sirius fic, The Between Time, because it's just... so different from all the fluffy characterisations out there. There's a real sense of pain there, and real emotions. Left me speechless, really. NC 17, though that's never stopped me before.

I've always been able to pass for older than i really am, and apparently I look it as well. Or act like it, which makes me look like it. Or something. I think it's to do with maturity, rather than age. I'm eighteen, and I seem older than some. I had a hard time believing that my History teacher was any older than twenty-two, because she sounded all girly whenever she spoke. It was a "lets have fun" voice, and it made me want to scream. Matched with her appearance, it made her look more like a student than any other teacher. She was fairly nice, but it was an irritating kind of nice. She used it as a weapon. *decides to write a character based loosely on her*

I'm considering a pairing of Remus Lupin/Will Turner. I'm going to hell, where panfandom muses will attack me with alternately blunt and pointed objects, and won't let me write or think. Perhaps just Remus Lupin meets Will Turner, and chasing wossname ensues. Chasing Karkaroff, who scarpered through time. Um, that was formed way back when there were the cursed gold drabbles. *blinks* Will find out who it was and give credit for inspiration.

I got T5E out from the library again. *sigh* It's one of those books that I really didn't like at first, because of the whole Scone of Stone thing, but after the second or third time of skipping to the few bits I did like, I realised that I loved the relationships that went on during the book. Angua's worries about Carrot just /accepting/ that she's a werewolf, and Sybil and Vimes's understanding marriage (the kind that marriage should be) are the bits I love. As well as Gaspode's lack of grammar and Cheery's insistence on wearing a beard as well as a skirt.  Also Nobby and Colon, who have /metaphorically/ grown on me (because the literal meaning would evoke bad images).

And I have lifted some of the wolf fight for something. That was my original reason for getting it from the library. The dog comments, and the Vimes running up a tree, and a lot of the things in this book are useful. I have a basic outline for the story, but I have to fit it so it works seamlessly.

Post on witches, wizards and warlocks coming up, because I wanted to post my distinctions. In the meanwhile, here's a drabble. Original, inspired by real life, and just a bit silly. 100 words, but that's including the Shakespeare quotes.

Practice.Collapse )
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In which I love Art History and Classics, and go on to explain my disturbingly sensible dream. [Aug. 8th, 2004|01:55 am]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |quixoticquixotic]
[Song in my head |Stop, Drop and Roll - Deceptikonz]

There's no Wizarding equivalent of Classics, or Art History. *mutters* I knew there was something else about the Wizarding world that couldn't compare. Nothing compares to having your very loveable teacher hand out the sweets on the last lesson of a friday, and then turn off the lights and show slides of art. Small wonder that I loved those classes. Even the Greek vases, which were a nightmare to remember. I luff the statues, because one subtle difference from how it was intended can make an incredible difference. And yes, that is referring to something else, because my mind works that way.

And google sometimes makes me annoyed. I just want a picture of both versions, please. *fangirlish squee, then looks around* It's fanfic related. I can prove it, once I find the uncommon and incorrect version (and if anyone knows what I'm on about by this stage, they get major kudos).


And now I post about one of my dreams, revealing that I read too much of Pratchett and Rowling, and probably should get out more.

I dreamed the most wonderfully detailed alternate world.
There were:

Remus. Probably marauder-era, but I don't know how that works. He was rather adorable.

Tonks: Same age as Remus, and she had dark hair. She looked like a rather feminine boy, really. She was also upper class, or rich, or something. She was also almost dominating.

Narcissa: She was older than the other two, and looking lovely and disapproving. She looked like a rich widow, and wore a lovely black dress, and a hat with a veil. *dies* My dreams have symbolism.

Aziraphale and Crowley: In the background, but I don't think I need to mention more than that. They were wonderfully IC for a dream. Perhaps I know them too well.

Situation: Tonks and Remus were shagging in a classroom, and Narcissa stepped out of a car and saw them. I don't know much about what happened beyond that, except that Crowley and Aziraphale were there and sort of discussing things. Probably the state of my mind, knowing me.

I have meta-dreams, and symbolism. *sighs* I need do read a bit less, I fear, otherwise I'll start dreaming in crossovers. And they'll be lucid crossovers, because my dreams are like that.
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Two drabbles. [Aug. 7th, 2004|01:10 pm]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |quixoticquixotic]
[Song in my head |Dark of the Matinee - Franz Ferdinand]

I wrote a drabble for the open/closed challenge on hp100, but I don't know if it's really to the challenge. It's also not the best that I've done, but I went with the first image I got.
Characters: Tonks and random Death Eaters
Rating: PG, mostly for inherent cruelty.
Changes.Collapse )

And one for museteasers, which is sort of original. Inspired by the picture there.
I know the grammar is atrocious, but they're kids. We can't all be Hermione.
Ghostly TitanicCollapse )
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Another drabble, and a fic for15minuteficlets [Aug. 4th, 2004|03:58 pm]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |awakeawake]

This first drabble came about due to my thoughts about time-turners and lifetimers, and how both would work. It occured to me that the time-turner could very well be custom-made for a particular person.  It would also work on whoever they happen to be touching at the time (due to morphological fields, and probably quantum). It would use part of that person and betied to their life force, so they can only go back to a point in their life.

*shrug* If anyone has a better theory, I'll be glad to hear it.

Lifetime-turners.Collapse )

And then there's this one. Loyalties, written for 15minuteficlets. Snape, doing his bit for the Order without too much complaint. I admit it, I just wanted to write about the aftermath of Sirius's death, and how that affects Lupin and Snape. 250 words, and this bit seems almost finished. However, it could become a longer piece.
Loyalties.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2004|10:34 am]
Malicia Grim
[How I feel |nerdynerdy]
[Song in my head |Taylor - Jack Johnson]

"Overheard in a crowded corridor" is possibly becoming an obscure fic. Probably between Poncy Stebbins and someone else.

Because, dude. His last name is Stebbins and he's in Ravenclaw. He's got to be like Al-jibla or D'blah, or something. Only he got sorted into Ravenclaw instead of getting the fixed test. That's what smartened him up a bit.

*dies, imagining Victor Tugelbend in Hogwarts* Hmm... which house would he be in? Probably Slytherin, because he's cunning enough to do the pass or fail thing, and ambitious enough not to be ambitious. *snerk* Must write wizard crossover, because... dude.

I wrote twin drabbles, because I finally decided to write my Harry-as-badass fic, and realised that this would be more convenient at the time.
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort.

War against the world.Collapse )

I also dreamed about Remus having a girlfriend named Isobel. Somewhat cute, but I doubt it would have any use as fic.
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Quotes, RPs and challenges [Aug. 2nd, 2004|04:20 pm]
Malicia Grim
"The trouble with witches is that they'll never run away from things they really hate.
And the trouble with small furry animals in a corner is that, just occasionally, one of them's a mongoose."
- Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad.

I love that quote. And this one:

"Sometimes when a butterfly beats its wings in Brazil, a tornado that was going to happen, doesn't."
And that's part of the summary of an episode of Insiders Guide to Happiness. *sighs* Sadly, I missed that one, which is why I looked at the summary. I'm a James/Julie shipper, and to find out that there was James/Tina was rather disappointing. Even my brother agrees that it would be sweet. Still, the quote deserves love.

I have caved. Mr. Wentworth is joining milliways_bar at some stage, and he is still a witch (even after the two worlds merge). I don't think he could function without it, somehow. Sarcastic teachers need eyes in the back of their head. Besides, he's now a headmaster, and he'd need tricks with time and everything to get the work done as well as going home to his lovely wife and bratty son (who's not as much of a brat now, but still).

And I need to get my the Them finding the old lake story* to have them actually finding Minnie and Tarquin. *grins* Such fun. And they'd give the wossname to Minnie and Tarquin 'cause they're nice like that. And I distinctly remember the couple being really old anyways, so it'd help.

My grammar has /so/ been shot to pieces by this crossover. The museai challenge didn't help matters, either.

*Because anything else brings to mind another crossover entirely, and I think that's been done to death. *evil grin* I love /obscure/ crossovers.
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Invisible Writings Meme. [Jul. 31st, 2004|08:02 am]
Malicia Grim
Gacked from someone:
The Johnny Theremin meme
Write your own ten-chapter summary to a nonexistent novel. Feel free to follow Neil Gaiman's format or be as avant-garde as you like. The only requirement is that there be ten chapters and an epilogue.

In Chapter 1, we meet Sandy Dustbin, and share his jubilation at finding an old clock with the hour hand missing.

In Chapter 2, Deianera Dunn explains that Sandy is never to use her first name. This is done with new uses for a meat hook.

In Chapter 3, the cocoa goes missing. Sandy suspects Mr. Sparkles, the rather odd-looking chap with a gammy leg.

In Chapter 4, Mr. Sparkles explains that he was thieving chocolate at the time, and produces some. Jack Lancer, one of all trades, gives Sandy another second hand for his clock. Curt Johnson is caught playing marbles in the backyard.

In Chapter 5, Deianera reveals that her real name is Danah. This doesn't get much of a reaction. Curt resolves never to play marbles again and now walks with a limp.

In Chapter 6, Jack Lancer dies the way he would have wanted to - poor, and drunk. The strange rats try to steal his watch.

In Chapter 7, Sandy meets the love of his life - a first edition of Biggles Learns to Fly. He misses the human love of his life by four seconds, but wouldn't care anyway.

In Chapter 8, Mrs. Jung and Mrs. Jelly, proprietors of the bookshop, find a strange customer who donates to them a G Manville Fenn novel, and pays generously for the Charing Cross bible they kept in storage out the back. From the money they make, the women decide to go partying.

In Chapter 9, Danah Dunn confesses her love for the rather creepy Mr. Sparkles, who rejects her utterly. Danah drowns her sorrows in grape juice, and is not happy when Sandy points out that it doesn't contain alcohol.

In Chapter 10, Sandy agrees to tell Mr. Sparkles that Danah has lots of money, but loses his nerve and kisses him. Curt sees them and tells Danah, who waits with the meat hook.

In the Epilogue, Sandy and Mr. Sparkles have run off together, and the bookshop proprietors give them the hour hand for Sandy's clock. Danah, still known as Deianera by everyone other than herself, has gone round the twist and has a collection of strange rats that think her house is paradise. Curt plays marbles once more, with disastrous results.
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